Network Guide

1. Persons using the computer network in student dormitories are required to comply with the rules and regulations of the City Computer Network.

2. The ŻAK UWM Foundation is responsible for the smooth operation of the internal network in each of the axed student dormitories it administers.

3. The ŻAK UWM Foundation is not responsible for damage to the power outlets in the rooms caused by the user. In the case of technical damage, it should be reported in the appropriate maintenance notebook. In case of a justified report, the ŻAK UWM Foundation is obliged to repair the damaged element of the installation.

4. The Internet service provider to the axed student Dormitories is the OLMAN Urban Computer Network Operations and Management Center.

5. The ŻAK UWM Foundation is not responsible for any interruption of the aforementioned services.

6. The ŻAK UWM Foundation and the OEiZ MSK OLMAN are not responsible for individual computers or network devices on the user's end:
- Configuration of a computer connected to the network;
- The type of hardware, specifically the type of network card;
- Data loss due to a poorly secured computer.

7. In each student dormitory the Residents' Council appoints the Administrator and his/her designated deputies authorized to contact ŻAK UWM Foundation and OEiZ MSK OLMAN in matters related to network administration. The Work Regulations of the DS Computer Network Administrator and the Duties of DS Network Users are established by the Residents' Council after receiving a positive opinion from ŻAK UWM Foundation and OEiZ MSK OLMAN.

8. In case of faults and breakdowns Administrators are obliged to communicate with ŻAK UWM Foundation and OEiZ MSK OLMAN in electronic or written form.

I. Responsibilities of the Administrator:

1. Informing users of the rules applicable to the use of the network and of all their changes in the form of written announcements on the bulletin board.

2. Assigning and changing eduroam accounts in consultation with MSK OLMAN.

3. Keeping user logins and passwords confidential and not passing them on to third parties.

4. Controlling the correctness of system settings of computers working in the network, controlling users' computers in case of suspicion of various types of viruses operating in the network.

5. Reporting irregularities in access to Internet services directly to MSK OLMAN.

6. Reporting of identified computer socket failures by making an entry in the appropriate maintenance notebook and notifying the ŻAK Foundation if an active device or component of the computer installation is found to be faulty.

7. Verification of individual user reports of network malfunctions contained in the maintenance notebook for content (checking to the best of the user's ability whether the user definitely has a damaged outlet or installation) and deletion of incorrect reports resulting from user ignorance after verification.

8. Perform activities related to the operation of the computer network ordered directly by the MSK OLMAN operator or ŻAK Foundation staff.

9. Keeping the staff of MSK OLMAN and ŻAK Foundation informed about problems in network administration, hardware needs resulting from observations of network operation, and communicating other requests on the mailing list and regularly reviewing the information provided through it.

10. Active participation in meetings organized by ŻAK Foundation and MSK OLMAN concerning functioning and organization of work in computer networks.

11. Reporting any detected discrepancies in the provided patch-panel description with the actual state to the Zak Foundation in order to make the necessary corrections.

12. The Network Administrator of the Student House is on duty (for contact with users) at designated times agreed upon with the Residents' Council.

I. Administrator privileges
1. Performing connections, switching and disconnections of individual network users at the patch cabinet. If such actions are performed, they should be recorded in the appropriate entry and exit book located at the reception. Switching operations on the switchboard must be agreed upon with MSK OLMAN staff and authorized by the ŻAK Foundation employee responsible for supervising computer networks (24/7 access to the rooms with patch cabinets will be possible on the basis of written authorization issued by the ŻAK Foundation employee responsible for computer networks).

2. Restarting active devices in the rack when necessary, except for the main managed switch, which can be restarted only at the request of the OLMAN MSK operator or ŻAK Foundation employee.

3. Punitive temporary exclusion of network users who do not comply with generally accepted rules of network operation or who disregard technical standards for devices operating in the network, e.g. unprofessional connections, use of cables that do not meet technical standards, etc., and informing the Residents' Council and the "ŻAK" Foundation about it (the period of punitive exclusion is determined by the Residents' Council in consultation with the Network Administrator).

4. Administrators have the right to disconnect computers for justified reasons (failures, viruses) without prior notice to the owner for a period not exceeding 24 hours. In case of longer disconnections the user will be informed about the planned time of connecting to the network.

II. Privileges of Administrators:
1. The Computer Network Administrator of the Student House and his/her deputy shall be exempt from working hours for the Student House.

2. The Administrator and Deputy Administrator shall be entitled to apply for funding for specialized computer networking training from a pool of money available to the Resident Council.

III. In matters not covered by the following regulations, the following shall apply:a
1. The MSK OLMAN Regulations
2. The Rules and Regulations for Network Use in Student Residence, established jointly by the ŻAK Foundation, MSK OLMAN and the Academic Housing Area Council

Note: The selection of the Deputy Administrator by the Resident Council shall be made upon the favorable opinion of the Network Administrator.

Note: It is not the administrator's responsibility to provide and make connections for individual computers to network outlets and to configure software on users' computers.

User Responsibilities:
1. You must strictly obey the orders of Network Administrators in the scope of their operation, who are obliged to take care of the proper functioning of the network and the enforcement of these rules.

2. Each user is obliged to comply with these rules and regulations of MSK OLMAN .

3. Connecting to the network may be done only with the consent of the Network Administrators.

4. Each computer connected to the academic network must be in full working order. A person with defective equipment (network card) that adversely affects the operation of the entire network is required to disconnect the defective device from the dormitory computer network.

5. Each new resident of the dormitory who is a UWM student should come to the administrator with their student ID in order to receive a login and password for their eduroam account. The user takes full responsibility for the data entrusted to them for authentication in the eduroam system.

6. It is allowed to use only IP numbers assigned automatically in DHCP system. Connecting to the network using IP other than the one mentioned above will result in disconnecting the user from the network.

7. All computers connected to the network should use TCP/IP-based configuration, i.e. have their network settings assigned dynamically in the DHCP system.

8. The following computer identification format applies when using Microsoft Network:
- Computer name: Any (censored)
- Workgroup: e.g. DS10

9. Use of the DS computer network for purposes inconsistent with these rules and regulations and the rules of MSK OLMAN is prohibited.

10. The user accessing the network is fully responsible for all activities generated by his/her computer and for damages caused to the network and to other users' computers through his/her fault.

11. If there is a need to connect more computers to the network than the number of network sockets in the student room, the additional computer can only be connected using a SWITCH-type device. It is prohibited to connect users to the network using other devices. Use of other devices will be grounds for disconnecting the user from the network.

12. Each user of the academic network is obliged to use any anti-virus program (any one) having an up-to-date virus database and to scan the media used by the computer connected to the network at least once a week. If the user does not comply with this obligation, the administrators will disconnect the infected computer from the network.

Note: The administrator is not obligated to provide or make connections of individual computers to network outlets or to install and configure software. Failure to comply with the arrangements stated above will result in disconnection from the network.