About us

The "Zak" Foundation of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn was established in 1992 under the name "Zak" Foundation for Assistance to Students of the M. Oczapowski University of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn. On January 1, 2000. Foundation merged with "Bratniak" Foundation of Higher School of Pedagogy in Olsztyn. In 2005 the then name was changed to "Zak" Foundation UWM in Olsztyn, whose seat is located at 2 Kanafojskiego Street in the Student House No. 4.

The purpose of the Foundation is:

1. Strive to improve living and dining conditions for students at the University of Warmia and Mazury.

2. Creating infrastructure for intellectual, cultural, sports and recreational development.

3. Organizational and financial assistance in implementing student activities in this area.

The Foundation owns more than 10 hectares of green spaces, which are an integral part of the university campus. The Foundation administers 10 Student Dormitories (2065 places). Ten of the buildings are located in the Kortow area. In addition to the Student Dormitories, it manages 4 catering outlets where meals are taken by students, University staff and guests. In addition to the above-mentioned units, students can also use the Foundation's water sports equipment rental and sports fields.

The primary focus of the Foundation is to provide the highest quality of service to students, University employees, and the customers we serve through our business operations.

The "ŻAK" Foundation does not use any external funds, does not receive grants, subsidies, etc.
It supports itself through its statutory and business activities. It bears all the costs of maintenance of buildings, equipment and activities from its own funds.


Organs of the "Zak" Foundation UWM in Olsztyn



dr hab. Sławomir Przybyliński, prof. UWM

Foundation Board