ŻAK Foundation of University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn: about us

about us


ŻAK Foundation of UWM was established in 1992 as ŻAK Foundation for Student’s Aid. This name was changed in 2005 into ŻAK Foundation of UWM which is situated in 2 Kanafojskiego Street in the Dormitory no. 4.

The aims of the Foundation are to:

1.      Upgrade the living facilities and catering for students of University of Warmia and Mazury

2.      Provide the facilities that enable intelectual, cultural development as well as sport practice and recreation

3.      Provide assistance in the above fields - organizationally and financially

The Foundation owns over  10 hectare of green areas which are the integral part of the university campus. The Foundation administers 11 dormitories (2569 residents). 10 dormitories are located in Kortowo, the other 1 is located at the city centre. The Foundation also administers 8 comfortable places to eat for students, academic employees and guests who use guest rooms in Kortowo.  The Foundation also runs „Korpka” bookshop where you can buy academic publications, university gadgets and stationery. Students can also use rented water-sports equipment, tenis courts and sports fields.

The main objective of the Foundation is provision of the best quality services for students, employees of the Univesity and other clients.

ŻAK Foundation is not financed from external sources, it does not receive any donations. It is financed with its own statutory activities. It bears all the costs of building mainatanace and other activities by itself.


Authorities of ŻAK Foundation


The chairman of the council

dr hab. Sławomir Przybyliński, prof. UWM

Members of the council:

dr hab. Mirosław Antoni Gornowicz, prof. UWM

dr hab. Andrzej Tadeusz Szmyt, prof. UWM

Maria Barbara Koper

Aleksandra Maria Siwiecka


The management board of the Foundation

mgr inż. Tomasz Selwent  - prezes

członkowie Zarządu Fundacji:

mgr inż. Waldemar Brosch

Anna Michalska

mgr inż. Michał Leszek Archacki

Piotr Wałejko

Tymoteusz Marek Tyrajski